They don't build elegant race cars anymore. Sophisticated lines don't mesh with the crunch and thrust of modern racing, where equipage is carbon fibered and monocoqued and wind-tunneled and sponsor-covered and as functionally ugly as the insides of the PC you're reading this on.

And what William B. also forgot is, that in the article, it stated only that the GranCabrio took styling cues from the 8C's interior, nothing was said about the wheelbase or anything mechanical.

Many cars performance and specs sites also carry a car history report. Some sites will also give you a quote on the price of your chosen car based on your zip code. This bit of information is always helpful when you go to deal with the salesmen.. The information also helps you calculate accordingly, and decide whether you can actually afford to buy the car.

Some of this can be ascribed to my own driving habits. Watching the fuel-economy average taught me a few things. I noticed that when cruising at speed, I have a tendency to rest my foot on the gas pedal instead of relaxing off the gas and coasting. This could cost me some mpg, but I bet the effect is negligible. I did notice that I had a tendency to ignore the "upshift" light, I suppose shifting instantaneously when the light came on could've earned me maximum mpg. So, too, if I had never let the car wander north of 2,000 rpm. But with such a quick-revving engine, it was easy to hold on to one of the lower gears for too long, especially if I was focusing on traffic ahead.

The tall sixth gear ratio also aids in producing a 31 mpg EPA highway fuel mileage estimate, that up against a 23 mpg city rating. Our fuel economy on two consecutive tanks was 20.1 and 23.9 mpg. We suspect the enthusiast driver will get numbers in that vicinity.

I will skip the trip across and infact what happened whilst we were there since I can only remember that it smelled a tad funny and that you could have croissants with chocolate inside them!! Heaven! (I led a very sheltered life!).

Review: The cheapest way to enjoy the BMW premium is to buy the BMW 3-Series E46. The 2.0L engine under the hood is not so fast, but the smooth transmission makes it very enjoyable. The exterior design that was never out of date, making it worth owned by anyone. Maintenance costs are a bit expensive, but if it not treated regularly some repair costs will be much more expensive.